Back to 40 this week , glad to see it and Thalar enjoyed her first stream.
Quain Zala Mad lover
Commission for Lordpanther of Zala who has a ear munchie.

15 minutes challenge was “Final fantasy drow” and “Mother&Daughter”

For Neeko:
For Smokehammer who gave it to B:
For Eliirshaan:
Not done by Thalar yet.
For the first time we have Thalar joining us, the mighty editor. She will be drawing her DT characters. While Mau complete the last page of we are ferals. The mid stream event will be a 15 minutes art challenge, and there will be the usual giveaway at the end of the 4 hours stream.


4 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Moatl says:

    The ear munchie is hilarious. But I fear it isn’t too far away from reality.
    I see it coming: Quain and Zala sharing a room at the Jaal-hospital. :D

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    It was great to see so many folks on the livestream Saturday, not just our regulars but a bunch of folks I hadn’t seen before ^^ It started off on a funny note when Mau was working on the We Are Ferals page, and Neige was going “Mau. Mau! Hey Mau! Yes you!” XD It was also great to see Thalar streaming, too (Thalar, Mau, and Shaan’s voices sound a bit alike ^^ ). Great artwork too…the Zala nomming Quain’s ear is sweet…you know, the more we see the warm side of these two like this, it’s gonna be that much harder if either or both die ; ( The BuffMoogle family is so cute (I take it from the scarf that it’s Quain, Ariel, and upside-down-flying Octobaby? ^^ ). Mau’s Kid Rayata riding a Chocobo while her mom calls to her is adorable too. Thanks for doing the Challenge guys, and the generous Giveaways as always, they look great! \o/ Thanks for another fun livestream!

  3. Kern says:

    Neige has so much to say, and her voice is unique XD

  4. Lement says:

    My jaw dropped at the beefcakes. Still dropped.


    That’s…I’m impressed. Beefy. And male upper body is not supposed to be covered?