Busy busy still.
Happy trio selfie from Naal, Kiel and Nau
Kiel Nau Naal
From 3 ideas doodled earlier:
Progress on gem’s commission which i have yet to get the review for. It’ll be completed friday night regardless. So that Lordpanther’s can be done saturday. Then next week is magical girl page 5. Saturday of next week i’ve nothing.

And thank you Damera for the gift by mail!
Cat girl Chiri.


9 Responses to Kiel selfie

  1. Kearnaun says:

    Heh, you know, for some reason I would rather expect the infernal trio to photobomb other people’s selfies.

  2. Metzger says:

    ha! that selfie is both funny and heart-warming

  3. smokehammer says:

    Awe man, now I miss Kiel XD