Chapter 12 cover remake is complete:
And has replaced the old one in the archive.
The old one from 2005 wasn’t so bad for the time. it marked the best coloring i could do before my hand got messed up then kite joined the studio to take care of the coloring and thus me entering a 7 years run where i would color nothing. That’s a lot of years to forget how to do to something, lots of years where i could not advance on that side of arts. It took a couple years of commission and daily practices to get back on my feet.

And a great quaintana fanart from Zakriyaza


6 Responses to Chapter 12 remake complete

  1. smokehammer says:

    The shading on the cloth on the old cover is just damn magnificent.

    This Quain is from the same artist as the wicked Snad from not too many days ago yeah? They have an incredible knack for capturing character.

  2. Lement says:

    *looks at letters*

    I think you enjoy drawing words by hand, time consuming it may be :3

    And…from climb to curtains.

  3. Moatl says:

    The new cover looks nice. However, I like the old cover pretty much, too. Unfortunately the »group-photo« of the children didn’t make to the new cover.