My next project to catch up on is from january 2015 o_o , the chapter 12 cover remake that people requested back then. 20 months later, it’ll finally get done.
Not much progress so far,i’ve only cleaned up the ink, tweaked a few things, got it ready for starting to colors.

Kite did an adorable Anahid with tiny unicorn:

And the next indiana jones crossover commission sketch is ready for review.

Finally today i wrote the last script of We are ferals. Last page, ending the challenge serie started by path to power. It’ll be a last goodbye to both and one that was hard for my heart to handle.


2 Responses to Chapter 12 next?

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Hang in there Kern…even the best of things do come to an end, and I’m sure you’ve given the Challenge serie a worthy send-off. These are multi-year projects, like a campaign…even Genghis Khan’s Golden Horde had to pause and consolidate periodically. I’m sure you and your team will come up with another great idea soon, so take a breather and water your horses. Gokurou-san! ^^;

    I’ll go check out your updated Chapter 12 cover. And Kite’s miqo’te Ana and mini-hoof are indeed adorable! (love how she does those pink snouts on her unicorns) XD The background colors of dark pink on pale green look distinctly Oriental, as well as Ana’s tied-up kimono ^^

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Chapter 12 cover looks magnificent, Kern. I guess Sene’kha’s distinctive red hair-beads are behind her ear, off panel. Wow, I haven’t seen some of these folks in ages…is that Desmonde just in front of Ky’ovarde’s chin? And Spiky Hair Dude with the funky mask that changes symbols! 8D Everyone looks good…and I might add, good looking (even Discordia, heh!) ^^

      btw the link for the old 2005 cover at the bottom of the page is broken…