Soon 3 new daydream stories will begin. One under Vergil, one under Shaan and one under Mau. It’s my hope we can turn the situation around with these new project. As there another mystery wave of daydream unsubscription. With my only guess to be Blackmyst’s long recovery period as the cause.

Here’s a good news, finally got around to complete january first remake of chapter 11. Little Kharla all cute and stuff. it’s up in the archive as well.
Here’s the original from 2004:
Do not look at Shimi’s eyes… do not look at Kel’noz eyes…Chiri whats going on with your eyes O_O. aaah.


6 Responses to Chapter 11 cover remake

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Obviously they’re all possessed! Cat demons!

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Wow, the new cover looks phenomenal! 0u0 The colors are so much more vivid, the title text at the bottom more dramatic, and certainly the eyes are much larger and more expressive (in Kharla’s case, brrr… ^^; ). It looks like you were going for a more realistic look back then, with narrower eyes and smaller mouths (except Blueberry, whose almost-Chibi-style eyes matched her role as comic-relief). I’ve heard people who aren’t manga fans complain about manga-style eyes being too big, but they’re missing the point: the reason why the eyes are bigger is because it is manga-style and not some other style. The larger features assist in conveying emotions without resorting to the exaggerated poses found in superhero comic book style. Sure, manga style has its exaggerated poses too, but usually they are used for comic relief, where super-deformation happens ^^ I like how your recent style eyes convey extremes of emotion, like when the irises become real tiny, as seen with Zala a few pages ago, or Sil’lice while interrogating Erusa’kel, or Nin’diil and Pink Underwear Girl in chapter 48. The larger eyes accentuate this…there are tiny irises in the 2004 cover, but they don’t put out nearly as much energy as the more recent eyes do. I like it! ^^

  3. lilly says:

    wow, i havent looked at the old cover in years. those eyes are so far apart! its like they were trying to run away from each other lol. huge improvement, congrats! do you plan on updating all of the older art at some point?