little progress on the magical girl chiri chan which mean i’ll work on it during saturday’s stream. Speaking of which, we’ll be issuing some changes to the stream from now on, and the first change is that it’ll be 4 hours long.
Tomorrow: Eliirhshaan and Lunareth
13th: Mau and Thalar
20: Felix and Darkvolt
27: Kite and Vergil
Eliir will be working on her first daydream page tomorrow.

Snadhya by Zakriyaza
Chapter 49 aftermath by Pitdragon
Shodun scream aftermath by Basileus:
drow highschool written by tsukiko
With a piece drawn by Mau about it:
And more keykeyness from Lunareth:


10 Responses to change to streams

  1. smokehammer says:

    That is one bitchin’ shadowy Snad.

  2. Gunbird says:

    4 hours. So dose they mean the stream will only last from 2 to 6?

    I probably not going to see it tomorrow. Going to a comedy show that night.

  3. Cutie DarkFae says:

    I’m also unlikely to catch a 4 hour stream, albeit for a different reason, good luck with things Kern :)

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Okee dokey, 11AM-3PM Pacific Time…I appreciate the time and effort you guys put into the livestream every week! \o/ Hopefully the shorter schedule will be of help for European folks, it’s easy for us in our Western Hemisphere time zones to forget that it’s the middle of the night over there (or buttcrack of dawn for Aussies, etc. ; )- )

    Agree with Smoke that Zakri’s Snad is very sinister! 8o And Pit’s insomniac Asta’lin is hilarious! XD I liked Tsuki’s high school story, and Mau did a masterful job of our three awkward students in Seifuku (that sunlight on the out of focus background is just remarkable!). And Luna captured the romantic tension between Ana and Kahru expertly, very nicely done! ^^ And thank you Kern for the +fav, you’re too kind! (runs blushing to the school library to hide in the Reference section…which I did often in high school…because Jane’s books, you can’t check those out…and I almost picked up a date there…hey Taldrin, chix dig guys in glasses reading huuuge books yo ;D )

  5. Tsukiko says:

    MAU!!! That is so awesome! <3
    Thank you so much! o///o

  6. SFI/Bwoman says:

    YESS I can more consistently participate in GiveAways :D

    And Ellir will draw a comic? :O What story? :O

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Hey pal…you used to run out of energy two hours before end of stream…now that Kern shortened the stream by two hours, you STILL went to bed two hours before end of stream! >:P Have some 5 Hour Energy drink or something already! :D j/k B, I think several of us were pretty tired today! ; )

    • Kern says:

      You’ll know soon!