Magical girl chiri chan 3 in progress. I know, it’s super messy. But hey Chiri throwings hearts from her hands is bound to be messy.
Still not sure what will be drawn on saturday. Might restart doing videogame arts next week as practices.


4 Responses to hearts attack

  1. Cutie DarkFae says:

    Good luck with the Mahou Shoujo Chiri-sama piccie :) It’s looking good so far, even if it’s not what I voted for alas :)

    Any ideas on how to ship Kite and you some brownies? The last batch was particularly good :)

  2. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Maybe you can do a chibi-game suggestion Stream on saturday? *shrug*

    Like people suggest games and you draw a chibi of a character… Sorta like those that LP sponsors at times.