6 Commissions drafts, 6 of them. For gem76 and Vlashrod to pick their favorite. Gem want an indiana jones temple of doom spoof and Vlashrod want tentacles battle with waes.


4 Responses to Raining drafts

  1. CutieSquiggoth says:

    IJ, for some reason I like #2, though #1 is the more classical, maybe that’s why.

    Tentacles, I can’t make out much of what’s going on, so I can’t offer an opinion. I’m sorry Vlashrod *hugs Nehle*

  2. Farex says:

    I know this isn’t a vote, but if it was, I’d say #2 for the tentacles and #1 for Indy.

    Looking forward to Vlashrod’s commission being done especially – we do need more tentacles on Daydream. Always more tentacles >:-)