Stream will be with lunareth who’ll do the next queen of butts page. As for the third streamer, it’s undetermined yet, could be darkvolt, or could be Kite. I will be doing Gem’s commission if he choose his favorite draft by then, else Lordpanther’s magical girl chiri. These two are my last commissions to complete!
Speaking of which, here are the 3 drafts for gem.
Basicly he wanted this
with Faen, zair , ariel and snadhya.

AC was installed in the work room. Kite was given solid form again and the fifth update of the week got completed!


2 Responses to Snadhya wins

  1. Lement says:

    As annoying as log hauling and burning in the winter is, overheating is even more terrifying.

    Still, that was really quick solution, was the AC already around, just unpacked from the move?