The fluffiest birthday gift from Luna. Look at these cutelings!
Thank you lunareth!

Kite’s character as my day’s practice. Like the maid one of last week, this is an inking practice to see if i can improve lines weights.

2 minute doodle of Nerdycannuck beautiful butterfly who love quain’s smile.

Xytin and octobear commission for lordpanther, in progress.
Xytin Octobaby


3 Responses to Chi and octobaby

  1. Laurie (NerdyCanuck) says:

    Angry Achlys, so angry! XD

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I can almost hear the *squees* coming out of Luna’s pic ^^; And OMG WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS ANA IS HOLDING, they look like…like…booby cakes? 8x And very nice inking on Tanis, Kern, those black areas frame her face and hair well, drawing attention to those beautiful areas ^^ I also see you using heavier lines on Xy’tin’s tail in the Octobear pic, which helps me see that it is indeed her tail and not just a cameo-like frame (which it also serves as). And boy look at that tyke go! *o* nom nom nom…I haz cake…adorable!