We’re thinking of having a special event for saturday’s stream : workshop. Where the 3 artists practice various challenges for 6 hours instead of doing commissions. Still need to think of the right ideas.

Magical chiri chan page 2 sponsored by lordpanther is complete and up! No voting this turn as her transformation is needed before she can react.

And today’s warm up is one of Momodora, a game that mix castlevania and soul. I was trying to mimick another artist style with this one.


One Response to momodora and magical chiri

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Ooo, can’t wait for this Saturday’s stream…I hear it’s gonna be somebody’s SPECIAL DAY! WOOO! \o/ And tentacles happen (well, vines, but still) in Magical Girl Chiri-chan! Thankfully Flowey hasn’t turned all eeevil (yet) 8x And Kaho looks so amazing…I can see the different style (she’s got the anime-standard-issue pimple of a nose, whereas your drow tend to have proud, prodigious honkers!), but the eyes are all you, Kern! ^^ btw the red maple leaf on red and white hood is looking very Canuck, sweet! XD