Commission for Lordorange complete with Kite’s coloring help.

And the truth about Valla’s fluffness by Lunareth:

Thanks for the well wishes and gifts for Kite’s birthday:



that one from B was received earlier this month but i hadn’t taken a photo yet. Knitted cupcakes
Tsukiko’s chocobo apron


4 Responses to Gifts and dragon girl

  1. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Had I remembered that Kite’s B-day was so soon, I would have tried timing the cupcakes better XD

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Oh my, what is the dragon guy in the tail coat doing? I do hope he isn’t going to damage or otherwise mess up that nice cake! Just to be on the safe side, I think that the Drowtales Cake Appreciation and Protection Society (that’s every cake-loving character and fan out there) should visit this scene ASAP just to make sure that nothing untoward is going on…

    Chirinide: I got here as soon as I could! *stares* That… looks like a…

    Ash’waren: …Cake candle. But smaller than I’m used to.

    Kiel’ndia: Heh! …Hey, don’t leave on our account.

    Kharla’ggen: Do not leave! Dragon man will stay!

    Faen’arae: Happy birthday, Kitty-Kite! *hug*

    Anahid: And happy cake! *hug* *cheekrub*

    Sorane’saniil: I got the message. You needed a cake, right? *presents cake*

    Kyo’nne: No, but… MORE CAKE!

    Waes’soloth: Excellent! *steps up to Sorane and cake, draws cake knife and serving spatula* *glances across at dragon guy* *enfolds him in impenetrable tentacles of darkness*


    Come to that, what is the picture above that depicting? Kitty-Kite, having triumphed over the cake, seizes and takes over its box? >:=)>

  3. hovertank says:

    Can’t understand the motion in the first picture – hair and scarf swirl in opposite directions. :o

    • Navian says:

      Looks like a small clockwise cyclone with calm air in the middle, noted by the lines tracing a circle around where the scarf and hair are whipping around. The other end of the scarf is dropping almost straight down.