Daydream pages went up, at last! And we have at least one more for this weekend. Let’s hope it’s a good sign. There will be more we are ferals epilogues from Darkvolt and Donny will begin the next relic hunter adventure once his daydream page is up. 
I haven’t posted yesterday as i had nothing to show. This commission above (cropped to tiny thumbnail) is a private one that i cannot share. Next will be public one for Lordorange. Saturday is the watergun commission for Lordpanther.
As for other arts… lately i’ve been focusing every little bit of free time to carpentry and soldering. Just trying to learn new skills, exploring what can be done and for the later, fixing up my arcades. The next project on that field is to do a final fantasy 14 demon brick

But , as a night stand. For Kite’s birthday next week. Got to make the cube with a drawer inside, carve the wings and legs. That kind of thing.


3 Responses to demon brick

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Ooo, sounds kewl Kern! ^^ I had a friend who was into wrought iron working, that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the black legs and tail of the demon brick. A mixed media wooden chest with wrought iron legs might work, whereas wooden legs/tail might be a bit fragile to support the weight (unless they were shorter). Then again, wrought iron legs might mess up your floor, sooo…

  2. LordPanther14 says:

    Yay, doing my commission tomorrow when I can actually show up for all of it :)