Lunareth and Mau are off in vacations for weeks. Blackmyst is into some intense artist block and hasn’t drawn pages for weeks. Its going to be lonely on daydream for a while and it badly need some life kicked in. So, i will try to do some updating of the site in the coming two weeks. The question is to start with what.
Commission for Eltharion gifted from Tsukiko for his twitch channel.
Coming next:

-Nie half paid Ariel private mode.
-Lordorange Elf 1 character
-Eucep chibi from kite
-Kiel watergun Nau ; lordpanther
-Magical girl Chiri chan page 2
-Soulcode Ariel and Reka with the flute failing.
-Farex Banjax Drider and naal. With alt naked version.

Will make the draft for Nie this tuesday. Lordorange’s sketch by friday. Kiel watergun on saturday.


7 Responses to twitch drider

  1. Eltharrion says:

    I still claim you are writing my name like that on purpose just to make my eye twitch every time I read it… xD
    Plus, figures. Moment I start reading DD, it comes to screeching halt.

    • SFI/Bwoman says:

      I know that feel… I still think he on occasion insists on making my Commisions more complicated… just so he can complain that his Nemesis makes things hard for him XD

    • Navian says:

      Maybe a pronunciation guide would help? He always says it ‘EL-thar-ion’. If it’s ‘EL-thar-RYE-on’, maybe it’d be easier to remember. Or maybe he’s pronouncing it right and that’s why the spelling is hard to remember. I think as long as no one confuses you with another guy called Eltharrrion it’s okay, though.

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        Maybe pretending he wears an eyepatch will help…then it might be pronounced ‘Elth-ARR-matey’ P)-