We are ferals is indeed about to be ended. We’ve started the epilogues for the characters and the patreon account will be closed this month. Relic hunters is also in it’s epilogue phase but for the adventure which has successfully ended. There is another adventure starting next week.
And daydream really need updates. Half of the artist lost electricity, one is setting up to go on vacation and the other one is in an art slump o_o;
anyways, Spiderz commission is complete.
Chiri bonfire dance col
And Donny finished lordpanther’s commission.
Let’s see what’s left:

-B Waes and Chiri
-Eltharion twitch pic 1 character
-Nie half paid Ariel private mode.
-Lordorange Elf 1 character
-Eucep chibi from kite
-Kiel watergun Nau ; lordpanther
-Magical girl Chiri chan page 2


5 Responses to Feral ending, next RH adventure, status on updates

  1. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Oh dear, that sounds bad :O

    Any idea what will happen after Ferals?

    • Kern says:

      Nothing. Not starting any new project to take feral’s place. instead we’ll move the focus from it to daydream. Both the artist’s time and my time.

  2. Thrair says:

    Gonna have to ask around on Saturday about RH.

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    “Half of the (DD) artists lost electricity”? You mean a literal blackout? *o* Eesh, I wish them a swift recovery, wherever they are. And kudos to Ferals, I hope it was a success! Looking forward to seeing what will be taking its place. And hats off to Kern and Donny for the googly-eyed chibi-fest chapter of RH, it was a lot of fun! ^^ Except for when Floor Dragon suddenly came out of Snad’s balcony, that was not fun XP Okay, so we bombed it for its trouble, that was fun, heh ^^ And noted that it’s easier to break into Quain’s bedroom than Snad’s! (the wolf plushy still cracks me up…I wasn’t around for it, but it looked hilarious!) Thanks to Kern and all the artists who have made Relic Hunters, We Are Ferals, and DayDream possible! o/