Yesterday was productive but today, life had other plans for us. Things should return to a more normal schedule from the 13th onward. For now though, tomorrow’ stream will be with Vergil and Darkvolt. There’ll be Nalsarkoth, requests from Darkvolt and this one as my priority work:
Lunareth really fixed them and made them buff!
Speaking of her, she’ll be departing for two weeks and will prepare filled pages for Queen o butts.


One Response to Manly volleyball

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Hang in there Kern and Kite, I’m rooting for ya! \^u^/ Hmmm…whether to go with the clothed or unclothed beach volleyball… : S I’m sure it’ll look great either way! Looking forward to tomorrow’s livestream, and wishing Luna a bon voyage! ^^