Kite finished coloring the next page of chapter 50 but because we uploaded the previous page only 12 hours ago, we must wait a bit to pace the updates.
Though here’s a new story to update:
Magical girl Chiri chan remake, sponsored by Lordpanther. It’s free to read but require a daydream account to choose what happens next. It’ll be less graphic than the previous remake story and i can confirm it’ll include Anahid eventually. The update rate will be 1 to 2 pages per month depending on health(Which hasn’t been lucky for the whole of may!).
For the first round of voting it’s pretty simple. Do you think Chiri would answer a Snadhya flower kyuubei thing with an outright yes to save Shan’s life. Would she say no because this thing is clearly evil at the cost of his life. Or start questioning the deal before making the deal. You have a week to vote on that. Just like the switching role story this one will involve pre-defined choices for most of the story.

Next commission to be work on is Farex’s.

-Farex beachball 4 characters
-Spiderz concept art mage guy
-B Waes and Chiri
-Eltharion twitch pic 1 character
-Nie half paid Ariel private mode.
-Lordorange Elf 1 character
-Eucep chibi from kite

I hope that list is accurate as the week we spent without a work hard drive had me going by memory.


3 Responses to Magical girl chiri chan

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    The Magical Girl Chiri-chan remake page looks good! ^^ Chiri-chan, always be suspicious of talking flowers!

  2. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Yay, Mahou Shoujo Chiri-chan :) Is the old remake still available?

    Ahh, talking flowers, reminds me of Little Flowershop of Horror :)