Hard drive cloning successful at the second attempt! Our work data was recovered bringing this mess to a happy ending. With an extra terabytes of space to future proof this storage until SSD technology catch up enough to move everything on these safer devices. The old drive had a physical malfonction that corrupted a sector, whenever said sector would be reach the hard drive would just die. Nothing is readable, then the hard drive would simply disapears from the drives list and bios until re-initialized through a specialized software. Thus some files, somewhere, perhap just a single file if we’re lucky ; is corrupted. I checked the last few pages of chapter 50 and everything seem to be fine there. Cameo concepts art could finally be accessed once more without difficult.

commission for lordpanther by Kite is now complete.
Same for the commission for Vlashrod.
I used Paintstorm for the explosion and explored the possibility of using it for rock. But that software is so ressources intensive and it’s brushes so specific that the only thing kept was the explosion. I see that software as being useful for say forest, leaves and clouds. But not anything else, especially not for livestreams.
And a forwarning to any artists meaning to try it ; just replacing one of the 6 hard drives in my machine was enough to invalidate my software license. Eeesh, DRM…


10 Responses to 1 year of work saved!

  1. Navian says:

    Yes! I remember how thrilled I was when my laptop’s hard drive failed slowly enough for me to put all my files on an external hard drive. Computers these days seem to fail a lot more gracefully than the older ones, even at a sixth of the price.

  2. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Congrats on getting the HDD backed up properly :) Have you looked into regular offsite backups?

  3. thalar says:

    Squad is looking great! :D

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Congrats on the successful recovery! Hopefully the lost sector was a replaceable OS file, and not your work

    Kite’s Felis’nuul pushes the limits of cuteness to new levels…and The Sassiest squad never looked better, love the explosion too! ^^