Things are not going well of late, now it is our main work hard drive failing. Disrupting work and threatening to destroy a year of work. Thankfully Kite had the friday’s page open , the two unfinished commissions were being worked on in Sai at the time and i double saved save monday’s page to another hard drive so the updates will come regardless.
Our work used to be in a two mirror raid , until last year’s move resulted in the main raid failing to be paired back together.

That cooking went so bad, it blew the hard drive. Told you lunareth.
relic hunter squad commission for Vlashrod undergoing change. One character changed gender, pose and weapon of choice.
VlashRod RElichunterSquad
Lordpanther’s chiri chan page 1 sketch, which i can still ink regardless if the full res is lost.
Magical Chiri Chan Crystal 01


4 Responses to Hard drive failure

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Eeesh…I hope your backup issues get fixed soon, and that you’re keeping one mirror off-site or in a fire safe. In a previous job, I was on raid duty for our company server, and we started out using ten removable hard drives for two weeks’ worth of backups, and one enclosure with main raid at work, the other at my home, for a total of twelve hard drives. The backup process would take about four hours, so when I got home, I’d pop it in the enclosure, and it would be done before I turned in. An IT salesman tried to convince my bosses to use Cloud based backups, but being an insurance agency, they said hail no (they wouldn’t even run their agency management software off the Cloud, no way would they trust it for server backups). This was the same company that was ‘paperless’, scanning every document onto the server, but I would keep the hard copies in my desk drawer because more than one scanned doc became unreadable (usually one that was very old and hard to replace…fancy that). Accounting tends to make one conservative about that sort of thing…

    Nice…Chiri and Ana cooking (what, meth?)…it would have been even funnier if some of the folks outside the cathedral were knocked on their butts from the concussion! ^^ And The Sassiest are gonna get a squad portrait too, eh? Looking good…I’m glad you didn’t lose your work. Hang in there, guys! o/

  2. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Urgh, sucks to hear your HDD failed ;( *hugs* Good luck with things.

  3. Pariel says:

    Yeesh, that’s harsh. I had one recently. I could restore the contents somewhat because I had a SSD/HDD configuration which spared the OS.

  4. Laerei says:

    Get Dropbox. It makes duplicates of stuff in dedicated folders into a cloud. Unlike harddrives, the chances of cloud failing is miniscule. It’d only fail in case of a cataclysmic event or a solar flare. Either case, it’s doubtful your drive would survive either. :P