No commission progress through sickness and migraine. Plus plenty of scripts to do in a catch up from last week vacation. Can we have a vacation to recover from vacation? Then a vacation to recover from the recovery time–
At least there’s more dragon princess and Vloz thug from Lunareth and Kite:


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  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Poor Kern : ( Not much I can recommend for your migraine but rest…as for the illness, will a hot toddy help? If you like sake, an atsu-kan (hot sake) might help break the tenacious grip the bug has on you. Also, liberal use of Lysol disinfectant spray applied topically with a tissue (around the nostrils) and frequent washing of the hands with antibacterial soap and hot water help. Another technique is to superheat yourself (electric blanket or car heater set to max) and sweat the cold out your pores. A soak in a hot bath is also helpful. I was also experimenting with diuretics (coffee, beer), as it seems water transfusion seems to be the key, but results were inconclusive

    As a child living overseas, I ended up flying on crowded airliners a lot (in my high school years, every summer for vacations). This was before HEPA filters became standard on a lot of airliners, and between the cramped conditions and bad air (we’re talking close to 500 people packed like sardines in a 747 for upwards of 13 hours or more), I’d get awful colds…and being a kid, when I ran out of tissues, I’d end up swallowing the nasal discharge, which promptly caused terrible gas pains which lasted for a day or two after the flight. The cold also caused my Eustachian tubes to get clogged up, so awful earaches from the altitude changes. My dad used to smoke, but surprisingly coughing was never my problem (nor airsickness…that was my mom’s domain). Since I became aware of microorganisms and infection, I made sure to wash frequently, stop swallowing discharge, and after HEPA filters became common, lo and behold, I didn’t get sick on flights anymore (feel free to say “TMI” at any time, hee) : )

    Tanis and Feros are looking good! ^^ It’s interesting to see them as Drow, they look cute (Feros with axe needs a “RWAR” in there) :D