At the end of saturday’s stream i felt very exhausted, in retrospect it was a sign. Sickness struck hard afterward and lasted to monday’s night. Beside my page and scripts, this small sketch is all did :
In response to someone liking Snadhya on tumblr.
For which Lunareth had to express her opinion on the matter
snadpoopNew Canvas

Tanis and Feros are being made into sharen and Vloz as part of saturday,s burst of inspiration from Luna and Kite. They’ve already done several pics about them. More importantly for now, Lunareth’s stripped panties:


9 Responses to sick and poo Snadhya

  1. Thrair says:

    Maybe it’s the slight bout of insomnia talking… but who are they? I don’t see ’em on the cameo google doc, nor do they appear to have shown up in the comic before.

    Daydream thing? I’d look harder, but I need to get up in about 4 hours, have a 10 hour shift followed by classes, and need to get back to trying to sleep. O.o

    • Navian says:

      They’re FFXIV characters, as far as I can tell.

    • Lunreth says:

      They are our FFXIV aura characters but we tend to have the habit of making AUs of them for fun xD We love this newest MA au so we definitely gonna draw more of them x3 The reason why you cant find them anywhere is that they are super fresh and not caemos :)

    • Kern says:

      She was in daydream, originaly a naga from the community naga project.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Oh no : ( I knew it…when Kite was sick last Saturday, I knew you’d catch it…it’s the trope where one person gets sick and vomits, which causes everyone within sight and smell of it to get sick and vomit. I’m so sorry for you two, I hope you’re feeling better now. See, now if you woulda gotten some Vitamin D from the sun…*urk* (is murderfied for mentioning the flying ball of thermonuclear chain reaction once too often) x_x

    That’s a pretty Snad vignette…but you gotta admit, Luna’s poohead Snad is the sh!t, down to the swirly red eyes! ^^; See, that’s the result of the viscous nature of the poohat, it expands to engulf your entire head. Now Dr. Slump’s Arale-chan will come by with a stick to play with her, resulting in this: :D

    • Navian says:

      I often get sick while travelling… darn those foreign germs. It seems pretty hard to avoid aside from not having contact with anyone or any food or drink that hasn’t been perfectly sterilized, when you’re a long way from home. I have to admit, before seeing this sketch I didn’t think Snadhya could look cute without looking scary at the same time. This one is just cute, somehow. (And Luna’s is just scary, in case it needs to be said.)

    • Kern says:

      Sickness does goes around and around and around XD