Oops , forgot to post the result of yesterday’s session!
The main one for Lordpanther. Laele in kimono. Kite says she likes the coloring in this one, high praise considering how good she is at coloring.

Lunareth’s Ariel and Anahid interaction based on this week’s comic and discussion.

15 minutes challenge set by Nicyhaven was “Characters kissing in the rain”
Pastel(coincidence we did the same thing!):

For Abyrae
For Dakla:
For Obsidian:

Bonus fat cat from DV:

On today’s stream, we have the next moonless page from Kite, Laele in kimono and one more commission sketch, while Darkvolt work on 3d modeling in maya. With the usual Mid-stream 15 minutes arts challenge and end of stream giveaway to 3 audience members.
that second commission sketch is for whoever has a commission and happen to be here.


9 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Laelle looks spectacular in her kimono! I agree, the colors look fantastic, especially with the background shaded…I’m not used to seeing her pre-tainting eyes, or that facial expression (definitely can see the Sul influence there). Luna’s chibis are normally adorable, but this one is just too much (yay tummy rubs)! ^^ Some epic kisses in the rain, too…great job everyone, and thanks Kern, Kite, and DarkVolt (and voice of Luna) for streaming!

  2. Metzger says:

    First of all: that Laelle pic is Fantastic! Secondly it seems like ******* in the Rain won once more, Awesome!! Thirdly Lunareths chibis of Ariel and Ana’hid interaction was very cute/funny…Last but not least…Did Suu’be get herself a dress?

  3. Laerei says:

    Now I needs a Laelle’s Adventures comic following her pre-tainted life. :0

    And it’s hilarious that Chiri has less of a problem with Ariel standing on her Holy Mother than she has with her Holy Mother treating someone like a pet. xD

    • Kern says:

      They’ve tried to submit that story to daydream before. There’s just little to say that’s daydream worthy.

  4. Durlyn says:

    Laele looks beautiful in her kimono, wish Ariel could have met her when she was still in her right mind ):

    Very sweet pics of Ariel & Faen kissing in the rain :3, & super cute chibi pics of Ariel, Anahid, & Chirinide :D