Saturday’s livestreams now resume. It’ll be at the usual 2hPm, with Darkvolt and Kite. I’ll do one of the 3 kimono picture for Lordpanther followed by one of the commission sketch for either Farex, Spiderz or Vlashrod.
No commission or even warm up from me today. Just keeping up with the page with 26 characters in it and real life was plenty enough. Let’s try to be more productive on saturday!
But hey, the wiki works!. Thing is it need content updates. So anyone who want an account, just send me an email at

Gunbird requested a place for his commission to Felix of daydream to go online somewhere, so here it is:
color (3)


5 Responses to Livestream and wiki

  1. Thrair says:

    *knuckle crack*

    Challenge accepted.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Yesss, both the Sarghress and Beldrobbaen clan pages are back up, among others, good job Martin! Ooo, I might take you up on it Kern, I’d love to do some work for the Orthorbbae Library. And Gunbird’s commission looks good! See you, Kite and DV in the Livestream! ^^

  3. partner555 says:

    Yes! It’s back! The wiki is back!

  4. smokehammer says:

    Damn that looks awesome. Mad props to Felix – and Gunny for commissioning that.

  5. Gunbird says:


    Yes Felix did a damn good job. I didn’t expect that he will do the background so well.