We’re back! Though with quite the falling back on update schedule. We are now officialy out of buffer, any delays will mean we’ll delay updates o_o. When we left , we had an unfinished page which we couldn’t catch up on earlier today. Because of this i might delay resuming commissions to friday.

We got a new book recently about a cat named Chi, which happens to by Kite’s cat girl character name as well. So here’s a little spoof to cheer up Kite:

Beautiful rendition of a sarghress “wolf” for Rayata by Mau.

And Lunareth’s sharkmaid is up on daydream


8 Responses to Back to work!

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Welcome baaack! \*o*/ Hope you two had a great vacation (did you lay out in the sun for a bit? and did you see any owls?). I can’t believe you guys were in my time zone for a week…see, if you would have gotten on a boat, gone south past the Golden Gate, keep going past Point Conception, turn sou’easterly until you pass the Queen Mary and Surf City, you woulda been in my neck of the woods! :D Boy, that sun didn’t warm things up all that much though, down here they have a “cut off low” bringing in a steady on-shore flow that promises some rain tomorrow or so. Anyway, glad to hear from you!

    Heh, cat girl Chi looks cute (is that a bandaid on her cheek?)! ^^ And wow, Mau’s huge wolfie for Rayata looks amazing (is that snow?), and Luna’s sharkmaid lives! We need to get Fareeha a pool, so she’ll have something to do

  2. Illasol/IaY says:

    Welcome back Kite and Kern^^. I hope the vacation was good and you managed to get some recovery along the way. And Chi is a really great manga the story is good and funny as hell.

  3. Nori says:

    Welcome Back! Both of the Chi’s look adorable((damn good recreation of that style there :o!)), Mau’s painting is GORGEOUS, LIKE DAMN THAT ENVIRONMENT DETAIL, DAT SNOW AND ICE MMMHMH DAT’S SOME GRADE A++ SHIT RIGHT THERE *cough* and HUZZAH FOR SHARMAIIIIIIID! Still too good for this world, she deserved better ;n; Much luck with the workload to come as well, we BELIEEEEEEEVE in you((but at the same time try not to sweat it if delays do happen, it’s understandable and no one would blame ya in the slightest))

  4. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Welcome back :) I’m sure your 2 week holiday seemed far too short. I love the Chi picture :) Mau’s picture is fluffy and woof ;) And SHARKMAID!!!!!!!!!