On the 27th we leave on vacation and will return on the 3nd may. Regular updates will resume on the fourth. For now the schedule is as follow:
Wednesday : Woes of the drow man
Thursday: Drow woman career path
Friday: Guest page by Lunareth about Anahid.
Saturday: No stream! First in a long time
Monday: Future leaders prospect (The Faen above)
Tuesday: Guest page by Darkvolt about a demon princess.
Wednesday: Back to duty.
Commission from Vlashrod, Lordpanther and Vergil will resume starting thursday next week.
Relic hunter script is already sent in and will update this week. We are feral was already supposed to be updated, hopefully Mau send it before we leave in the morning. Some daydream pages are already incoming. Space age and queen o butts will be written during the vacation.
I will not be able to start any forum thread till next wednesday.
That sum it up. Have a great week everyone!

Martin managed to make it work again, fully updated, everything shows. Except.. not on our server! Whenever it goes to our wiki subdomain it fails. Martin is giving it all to find why , hopefully we will return with a wiki that is working.


6 Responses to Vacation till the third may

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Have a great trip, Kern and Kite! \*o*/ Thanks for thinking of us and putting up something daily, I’m sure we all appreciate that! Maybe some of us will pop by Picarto on Saturday just to have a chat amongst ourselves. And best of luck to Martin, I’m sure there were choice words to be had when the wiki failed to work on the DT server :D It sure would be nice to have The Orthorbbae working right again. Well, have fun south of the border, we’ll see you guys next week! Take care, and thanks again for all you do! o/

  2. CutieSquiggoth says:

    2 weeks vacation :) Have fun you two :) I’ll be popping by Picarto sometime Sunday morning, I wonder who I’ll see, I wonder who’ll host.

  3. Alric says:

    Have fun, you two!

  4. Metzger says:

    Hope you two have a good trip!

  5. Pitdragon says:

    Enjoy the trip. And thanks Martin for looking into the wiki!

  6. Gunbird says:

    Have fun with you vacation.

    It’s good to know that the wiki is fixed.