Saturday is triple Lordpanther commission day. Kite , Luna and I will do his april commissions. With Vergil joining us as third streamer since Lunareth will work offline.

For the filler of next week, turn up they’re quite time consuming. I will be able to do 3 at best. Thankfully Darkvolt already gave a guest page and Lunareth will do one herself.
Preview of page 1 for next wednesday.

More pieces from Luna:
Chiri who ate too much from Anahid cake.
Which lead to some pampering to calm her down:
And the dress for Lunareth’s guest page meant to go online next friday:


4 Responses to Fat Chiri

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I recognize Shan on the right of the preview, but is that Al’tesh on the left eagerly holding his drink? 0.0 Now that is one fat Chiri-cat! XD Luna’s chibis are so pretty, and that dress too! ^^

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Now there’s a concept: fat, templar trash Chiri, sat in her trailer, surrounded by chocolates and chocolate wrappers, watching daytime TV in her dressing gown. Then there’s a knock at the door…

    Swirl-eye-tainted guy: Hello. We’re from the Snadhya’s Witnesses. Do you have a few moments to talk about her great plan for all of us?

    Chiri: *fumbles in dressing gown pockets for fire foci* *burns both Snadhya’s Witnesses to ashes where they stand* *yawns* *belches* *closes door* *returns to her easy chair*

    Meanwhile, in town, Anahid welcomes Miss Ash’waren into her beauty parlour for her weekly makeover and pampering session. Over at the town hall, Mayor Zala’ess pours herself a bourbon and puzzles out a way to balance the budget this year. In a ditch by a dirt track away from town, Sheriff Sill’ice and Marshal Sandaur look over the body of a suspected cattle rustler. And back at her grand ranch house, local cattle baron Quain’tana plots how to make her rustler problem disappear once and for all…