Look at those buns.
That challenge was set by Lunareth as the last challenge she set reached it goals. It’s now at 200 on tumblr. This one must reach a minimum of 100 in order for the next round to start. As for what Chiri is there, it’s her as a viera, a race of bunnies from FF12 and tactics2.

Both Mau and Darkvolt were taken by the magical girl plotting, bringing their own spin on what could be.

Concept art for Spiderz in progress. Not a DT based one and there’s some tweak to be done to it.
Solanaecean For Spiderz


2 Responses to Magical buns

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Chiri Bunny-buns! Words cannot express the sweetness. Presumably the narrow frame is to obscure the sight of Bun’naal, standing close by her with weapons at the ready to deal with any butt-fans that try to come too close… while on the other side of her, Flopsy Bunny Anahid happily wiggles into her own more floaty but only slightly less revealing costume, while Kahrabbit stands over her, disquieted but protective. Meanwhile, Hare’iel and Faen’bunnae are playing leapfrog, while Octobun scampers around them. Meanwhile, over at the Sullibun Dome…

    Ash’warren: Lepine libido is the best! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Gothic Inten was inevitable. And is that damsel Anahid being borne away by gothic gent Kahru?

    Mr. Kahru: Couldn’t you have got dressed?

    Miss Anahid: I was too busy swooning over the sight of you! ♥ *sigh* ♥


  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Chiri-bun looks so cute (can’t decide if its her ears or her bun…ny tail that’s best). Both Inten Mahou Vampire Support Healer and Mister Kahru/Miss Anahid are looking somewhat Steampunk, too, in those outstanding Victorian looking outfits (well, Miss Anahid must have lost her hoop skirt in a tragic clank attack…Mister Kahru, you must rescue her from her predicament!). Now Spider’s OC concept, the plate armor has interesting shading that makes it look chromed…which I might add would be supremely badass (love that tiger-like steed too, and the two fierce faces are delightful) ^^