All cameo concept arts defeated! Take that you pile of commissions! You hundreds hours workload you, you, youuu are done.
Wietse concept art.
Next… more concept art o_o for spider’s D&D drow group.
Also bunnies, because Lunareth last challenge finally broke some tumblr goal. Now she get to make another challenge and she asked for bunny Chiri. Don’t know why but Kite and lunareth are really into buns at the moment:
By Kite.


10 Responses to ITSSSS DOOONE!

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Slyand’iss looks good too (izze a golem engineer?), that yellow marking is Sullies, right? Them grinning faces and butts in da water XD

    And there can never be enough bunnehs! ^^

  2. Thrair says:

    Yah. He’s a Sul. He was one of the early cameos. First popped up in Chapter 36 for a couple pages. Chatted with Ariel and co. Pretty chill dude.

    Though I’m curious, what is a channeler? If I recall, Jiaan is one, too. But I can’t recall what the ability actually DOES.

    • Kern says:

      Channel other people mana. Meant to strenghten them. Doesn’t do anything by itself. We’ve had people having the opposite before, like Quaintana and that half blood Kyorl with kyovarde.

  3. Pitdragon says:

    Okie dokie, all of ’em are linked in the cameo thread!

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Can Slyand’iss sing? If so, and the mermaids are rock and roll fans, it could work out just fine…

    Slyand’iss: ♪…If that’ll be the way that you make me fry/ If that’ll be the way that you make me pie/ You say you’re gonna eat me, I hope it’s a lie/ ‘Cause that’ll be the da-a-ay when I die!♪

    Mermaid: See! I told you it was him! We can’t eat Bud’dy Hol’ly! Here, sign my butt, Val Hol’ly! ♥

    Other mermaids: And mine! And mine! And mine! :3 X3


  5. junglefowl26 says:

    Muhahahahahaha! You will never escape the concept arts!

    Though at least there were a lot of returning cameos this time, eh?

    • Kern says:

      there’s a lot of returning characters yes.
      Next cameo wave is far off but yeah, i think i’m at 250 concepts on deviantart by now.

  6. smokehammer says:

    “Don’t know why but Kite and lunareth are really into buns” – Its the ears man. Its gotta be.