Tomorrow co-streamer are Vergil doing a Miqote picture and Darkvolt who will take requests again. On my side i will tackle all remaining concept art sketches that are to be done. So Vernes, Durlyn , Jakkiah, Sarogo, now is your time. I won’t be able to finish everything but all of them will be drawn and at least one of them brought to conclusion. On the topic of stream, the 16th will be the 15th anniversary livestream with a new artist Madeleine Rosca joining us. That one will be dedicated to make some special artwork to commemorate that day.

Lordpanther’s last sponsored page for switching role is online.
He is already on track to sponsor another story through, which you can vote on daydream.

Luna needed help with her daydream page as well. So if you’re curious about how messy a daydream page draft look like, here it is:

And one fluffy faen sketch i was doing for the fun of studying someone else art. Maybe i’ll complete it next week given the chance. Way too little time left to do so today.


4 Responses to Daydream pages

  1. junglefowl26 says:

    “She asks the impossible, I need more butts.”
    “Perhaps you can tell her that when she arrives.”
    “The Empress is coming here?”
    “That is correct, Queenie, and she is most displeased with your apparent lack of sexy.”
    “I shall double my efforts!”
    “I hope so, queenie, for your sake. The Empress is not as forgiving as I am.”

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming 15th Anniversary of Drowtales! \*o*/ LP’s sponsored DD page looks awesome, it was fun seeing a morphed Ariel with dark short hair and ahem, other changes, ahem X) Ooo, Luna’s page looks like it’s gonna be gorgeous, with the arrival of the High Queen (and always love Fareeha’s facial expressions!) ^^ And that Faen sketch certainly looks fluffy, such big eyes! 8)

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Well, I would offer further happy scritchies to LordPanther for the ongoing DayDream remake, but it looks like every cute, furry creature in the forest is already doing just that, as they take refuge in his castle from Chirikitty’s extermination campaign. And there is Anacat, come in after the forest creatures, who is also making with the happy massage. Don’t worry about her true beloved, though – Katru is sitting to one side, happy not be be the centre of her attention for once. So, instead, I shall head out onto the battlements of LordPanther’s castle and will garnish them, not with soldiers, but with catnip, against the possibility of ninja-Chiri sneak attacks. And then I shall get some honey, in case Chirikitty decides to send a wild Faen’baer in to do her work for her. Ave Dux Panthera generosum! *salutes*