Kiel and Faen from Tsukiko, by Jeyrablue.

Part 2 of the Lunareth tumblr challenge. They chose me to draw a follow up to feeding the face cat too much. To get a part 3 , this one will need to get 80 notes, which i don’t think will happen.
While Kite focused on the outcome of feeding chocobos too much to change their feathers colors. Chiri choose to keep her Shan dark blue instead of trying again for black feathers, at the risk of making him fat like Kite’s.
I didn’t delay the commission either. The next daydream page is now fully inked. It’s my hope to complete it by friday.


5 Responses to Fat cat and fat chocobo

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    But giant, overfed fat cat could invade the laps of the tainted with devastating effect…

    Snadhya’rune: mmmmf… hfff… nnnn… *weakening struggles*

    Faen’arae: *empathy* Yes… still suffocating a lot… that’s really nasty… and fat cat’s kneading her as well… owie… That was some lap invasion… I thought Snadhya might be able to turf fat cat off, but then it rolled over and covered her… oh, good… she’s fading away at last… going… going… gone…

    Chi’quote: *holds out sealing stone, mops up nether essence that struggles out from underneath fat cat* Yes… good work, Faen!

    Faen’arae: So… can I stroke you now?

    Chi’quote: *finishes capturing nether essence* …Sure!

    Faen’arae: *stroke* *stroke stroke stroke* *cuddle-glomp*

    Chi’quote: *topples both of them onto fat cat*

    Faen’arae: *cuddle* *strokestrokestrokestroke…*

    Chi’quote & fat cat: *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* ♥


  2. smokehammer says:

    Can you change Shan back to being yellow by like, uh starving him or something?

  3. Laerei says:

    The fattest chocobo.

  4. katrover says:

    So it was all just a dream …