the Horror From the Rift
Short fic about Kuso last appearance in the story, by Tsukiko.

Miqote Chiri and the fat cat. The consequence of feeding said fat cat too much. This one is part of a challenge with Lunareth and only if it she achieve her prediction will there be a follow up.

Concept art for Sarogo, pending review. It was the last one which didn’t have a design before. Beside this, there’s only 4 left, all of which are design update. To be done on saturday so i can wrap up the daydream page this week.

Kelnoz portrait by Notesz for the B. Kel is lacking in Waes :P


7 Responses to Eldritch Kuso.

  1. Moatl says:

    We need fatter cats:

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Man, Tsukiko…I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sorry for a Sharen dragon knight before in my entire life! *n* There, there, pal…(pat pat)

    If the adorable Miqote Chiri keeps feeding that Fatter Fat Cat, she’s gonna end up with…a Fat Cat-astrophe! XD

    Ulbaga looks like an interesting character…although that’s a dangerous lie (or he subscribes to DD, in which case it’s blackmail!) :D

    That’s a sharp looking Kel’noz portrait! ^^

  3. Laerei says:

    It’d be really cool if you could get a fat chocobo by feeding it too much in FFXIV. xD

  4. Thrair says:

    Oh, man. That buildup…. perfect delivery Tsukiko. :P

  5. Greenwood Goat says:

    Perhaps if you feed fat cat enough, it will acquire a gravitational field and level up to a fat katamari, then Chi’quote can roll it around, and it can gather food without even having to chew it. Or swallow it. Or ingest it in any way.

    Kuso was indeed unleashing an eldritch horror on the world. Even Snadhya would pale at such a sight (although I would wish it on her >:=). In fact, the only Sharen sister I can think of who would be able to counter such a baneful thing would be Sil’lice…

    Sil’lice: **FREEZE ATTACK**

    Kuso: *!* … *fearful downward glance* *!!* ;_; *turn, awkward exit*