Today was
Mau’s birthday. May the great bunny overlord bless us with a productive 26th year.

Concept art for Ratatoskr completed. The name being an obvious reference to DBZ, she’ll just be called Kame in the comic. I see there’s a misunderstanding about this character so i’ll just clarify. This is a sarghress role, the character designed was sarghress. Hearing that no one took the Sillice’s retainer role, Ratatoskr wished to change the role to it. However, the character does not fit. I thus offered this character be one of the volounteer for what Sillice wishes to do. So they’re not related in any way.


11 Responses to Bunny birthday

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Happy Birthday, Mau! \*3*/ Totally blowing away those candle flames…

    And nice concept art for Kame…being a smith, it’s always “Hamara-time”! ^^ (that’s a Bear-y nice mug she’s holding too)

  2. junglefowl26 says:

    Happy birthday Mau!

    About Kame:
    Ah. That makes sense, but I still feel a bit sad. I mean, Sillice’s family hid amongst the Sarghress in all kinds of roles I could easily see one being a blacksmith. Well in any case it is interesting that Sillice would use Sarghress volunteers, shows she has grown connected to the clan over the years.

  3. Vlashrod says:

    Happy birthday Mau :)

  4. Thrair says:

    Her basic Trope entry is up for review. I did put up a few things from the post you had in the Cameo Brainstorming thread. So if there’s any differences between that and the submitted version, holler.

    Side note: I smell a booze-off incoming in this chapter, if a few of my guesses are right.

  5. Greenwood Goat says:

    Now, now, Mau… 26 isn’t that bad! >:=)> You’ll risk getting powder burns on the icing if you snuff your candles like that! >:=D>

    Hmmm… when I saw the name of Ratatoskr’s character, I thought it was a reference to Kamehameha I, AKA Kamehameha the Great, conqueror and unifier of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Having looked up Dragon Ball on Wikipedia, it’s unclear whether the Hawaiian king’s name was reverse-engineered into Japanese, or whether it was a straightforward coincidental coinage…

    • Navian says:

      Yeah. According to the Dragonball wiki, the writer couldn’t think of a name, so his wife told him to use the name of the Hawaiian king, so it would be easier to remember. The literal translation into Japanese is apparently the rather ridiculous “Turtle Devastation Wave”. I read a similar story on TVTropes, though it didn’t mention his wife.

      Kamehamara was the name of a 19th century queen of Tonga, so its similarity to Kamehameha is probably more the fruit of it being from a language of the same language group. They were both Polynesian royalty, and from the same time period.

      • Greenwood Goat says:

        Kiel’ndia: “Turtle Devastation Wave”!?!! Why haven’t I heard of this before?! …We need to find this smith and find out what she knows! And while you’re about it, get me every water focus you can find… and a surfboard!! *does surfing mime, leads princes and princesses in humming tunes by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones*


  6. Metzger says:

    Happy Birthday Mau!

  7. Mau Acheron says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, thank you very much for the birthday wishes, guys, I’m so happy now! Q___Q And thank you for the picture about Achi SHE SO CUTE! <3