Main commission for Thrair.
cameo concept in progress for Ratatoskr.

Ask Inten:








Ask Chiri:

Ask Anahid:

Challenge set by Ylyth was “It lurks in the dark”:
For obsidian:
For Cutiesquiggoth:
For Vergil:

Bonus dinosaur and swedish kitsune request from Darkvolt:


On today’s stream we have a snadhya commission for Thrair, a cameo concept from me. 3d modeling and challenge from Darkvolt. While Lunareth will be completing a ff14 miqote couple. 15 minutes art challenge will be at 4h40 and the giveaways to 3 lucky audience members at the end of the stream! Drop by our multistream to participate, watch or just plain hanging out on this beginning of spring!


13 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. smokehammer says:

    Why is that Stego so sad?

  2. Lement says:

    *looks at that Snadhya*

    *looks at eyes*

    *looks at mouth*

    *looks at stance*

    And, oh, the cup…Bwahahaha. Oh, this is just brilliant. I can imagine only Ariel going “You killed Kalki after violating the invite? Ah *looks at cup*….you’re the best mom.”

    Otherwise? Mostly, lot of questions. Personal details, not quite what I expected and now I can only imagine vampires, being born but immortal, eventually collapsing into black holes over their sheer numbers.

  3. The14th says:

    I get the feeling pie fights with Quain end with a lot of broken noses.

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Sigh… looks like someone should have put more points into their backstab skill. They hit far too low down on Snadhya’s back, and didn’t even drive the blade in deep enough to take out a kidney. Perhaps they should have gone for the throat-slit (although Snadhya might have a gorget on under that collar), or just stabbed Steeve in the hope that it would malfunction or panic and bite her face off. Ah, well – there will be other attempts on her life. She can’t stay lucky forever!

    Ratatoskr’s smith chararacter should watch what they say – they could end up summoned to arm-wrestle Quain in front of the vals of all the houses. And Ash’waren.

    Ash’waren: Winner gets my favour tonight! No, wait, loser gets my favour tonight! No… winner! No, loser! Winner! Loser! *hehehehee*

    Quain’tana: *sidelong glower* *shoves opponent away and disengages* I call a draw!

    Ash’waren: :-p

    Drow haircare products need to catch up with Chiri’s needs. “Fire retardant and extinguisher?! Take two bottles into battle?! Not me! I just scorch and go!”

    Do the Kyorls teach cooking? The only other Kyorl we’ve seen attempting to cook is Valla’drielle, and she was on a Daydream wallpaper wearing only an apron… maybe that is where Chiri is going wrong! ;-)

    Hehe.. can you show me a cat that doesn’t lurk in the night? Only the oldest and laziest of cats could fail to go prowling and lurking during the hours of darkness. Unless that first pic is actually featuring a blob-corgi as its lurker! (If blob-corgis didn’t exist before, they do now!)

    As for Anahid and Kahru, I’m imagining a re-creation of Fuseli’s The Nightmare with Karhru lying sprawled on his back, Anahid bent over, straddling (and fondling) his chest, while Cinnamon, standing to the rear of the scene, has picked up some of his hair and is chewing idly.

    I could imagine Quain’tana being banned from pie fights for using hard-baked rock-filled pies, still in their heavy cast iron pie dishes… but still turning up anyway, defeating the judges and stewards, and then pitching in to do more pie-related injury.


    • Ash'arion says:

      My Kyorl cameo, Kale’shido, cooks. It’s shown in his first concept art. He is also wearing an apron. Then again, that seems like a dire necessity in a culture where the majority of clothes are white.

  5. swedish_kitsune says:

    That flying fox is awesome :)
    thx DV for doing that.

  6. junglefowl26 says:

    A lot of awesome pictures! Sad I missed it.

    Is Kame going to be of Silice’s brood as was discussed in the replies of an older news page, or has that idea been dropped?

    • Ra'tatosk says:

      I’m not quite clear how this clan thing works for the Sharen. She is part of the Sillice group but if that means she is part of the brood too I don’t know. That’s for Kern to answer. Either way is ok for me, even if it would be nice if she was that.