No april fool from us today as there’s way too much april fool on the internet nowadays. *Shake old man cane* Back in my days there were only a few sites pulling it off and it was cool. Now it’s hard enough to find some legit content on april first.

Tomorrow’s stream is with Darkvolt and Lunareth. Luna will do some kitties and Darkvolt will do 3d as well as taking a challenge from the audience. I will be doing Thrair’s snadhya commission and one cameo concept art for the last 2 hours.
Kitty face Anah, because she hadn’t been drawn lately.

More kitties from Kite. With tails. Doing naughty stuff.


One Response to Kitty face

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Kitty face Anah is cute, unsurprisingly, and it looks like she’s yet another butt-fan. Will she be introducing the theology of butts or butt-devotionals to the Kyorl canon? “And the Holy Mother Anahid did go out into the streets of Chel’el’Sussoloth, and did massage the butts of the poor and tainted, yea, even the butts that were flabby or unpert. And the butt-lovers of Chel’el’Sussoloth did see her example and did flock to her and take up her calling. And so did her massage- er, message spread like a fat blobkitty across a warm lap, or a warm laptop that one is trying to use, into all accessible corners.”

    Chi and the Khara-tail are also cute… but can a tail really kiss you back? Perhaps Khara should have one of those shirts that reads “My face is up here. (♥kissu kissu please♥!)”