Cat meet bean. Bean meet cat.
Little quick picture for fun.
Reefireparrot concept was completed as well.
But sadly i fell behind quite a bit on today’s page from falling asleep at my desk for hours. Catching up will be difficult. I think the next concept revision will be put aside after all.


16 Responses to Bean cat

  1. Thrair says:

    Basic entry up. Quick question, though: Those lines? They tattoos?

    • Vlashrod says:

      Su’ube bloodline it seems

    • Ree Fireparrot says:

      BTW here’s what I submitted to Kern, IDK if you put extra info on TVTropes or not…

      Name and clan/faction: Riviel Nori’fu Sarghress
      Race: Lath
      Profession: Cadet (or same rank as Ariel)
      Method of fighting: Pure brute strength, overwhelming her opponents with power rather than strategy
      Magical affinity: None; not skilled in mana arts but prefers to use her muscles anyway
      Costume: Heavy armor that isn’t really polished, but functional
      Colors: Orange hair and eyes, standard Chelian lath skin tone
      A few personality traits: Brash, brutish, arrogant, proud of being of common blood, thinks Suu’be is a better leader than Quain, something she likely inherited from her mother who was with Suu’be before she joined Quain, thinks Ariel is unworthy of being the heir and was just handed her position rather than earning it and considers her as a rival (whether Ariel even knows she exists is up to Kern), was NOT happy when the Sarghress made an alliance with Zala’s bloodline
      Phrase: “I ain’t no pansy-ass Val!”
      Favorite activity: Beating up training mannequins (I can’t think of what they’re called, the things you fight in training)
      Favorite expression: An arrogant, cruel smirk or a scowl
      Quirks: Though she hates Vals, she bears a grudging respect for Sullissins who left the comfort of their homes to fight
      Physical description or reference picture: Tall, muscular, and somewhat masculine/androgynous-looking. Orange hair crudely chopped short (she’s no Val!). Scarification “whiskers” like Suu’be and Koil’dorath. Orange eyes. I don’t have any reference pictures, sorry.
      Loyalty: Suu’be; though she doesn’t like Quain, she considers her the lesser of two evils between her and the Sharen
      Sentence: Koil’dorath fangirl.
      Shipping: I only have one cameo, and I can’t see her mating with anyone. Maybe a strong male that her mother picks out for her to make Nori’fu babies? Sorry.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Hello cat. Hello bean. Has bean bean presented here as a kill for approval? Oh you good little kitty. *stroke stroke scritchies*

    Cat: *purrrrrrrrrr* *slips away with bean* *drops bean* ^Good work, pardner! ;3 We’ll do this again, same time tomorrow!^ :3

    Riviel is cruising for a bruising, isn’t he? Quain’tana is probably already nagging Ariel to challenge him to a training bout…

  3. smokehammer says:

    So Riviel has respect for the Sullies who came out to fight but not the Val’s of Sharen whom she was actually fighting? Theyre still sissies? Curious. Though Zala’s brats? Hopefully she punches them to bloody pulps – I think we can all agree that’s the best way to make sure they’re actually red.

    Also, the mouse is named bean I take it?

    • Ree Fireparrot says:

      As I told Kern I didn’t really think that one through. :/ I wish I had made her quirk that she hates cute things or something.

      • Thrair says:

        One possible way to justify it is that the Sullisun Vals don’t NEED to fight, but are volunteering to do so.

        Meanwhile, it’s easy to view the Sharen Vals as only fighting personally because they’ve been backed into a corner and no longer have any *choice*.

    • Kern says:

      Mouse isn’t bean shape. It is unworthy of the title.

    • junglefowl26 says:

      Bit of a difference of leaving the lap of luxury to fight for others*, risking that wealth, safety, and comfort, and fighting against the poor and the oppressed specifically to preserve that power and privilege.

      * I mean, yeah, Ash wanted to use the Sarghress as a tool for her own revenge, but how many Suls know or care about really? Or Sarghs or Sharens either. Despite Ash’s key role, the Sarghs and Sharens are generally seen as the key drivers of the conflict.

      • smokehammer says:

        My point was more anyone stabbing your friends to death doesnt qualify as a coddled pansy, regardless of their reasons. Plus, how can you be “oppressed” by weaklings? What does that make you?

        And Ah! The kitty is the bean. One very fat butter bean apparently. Now I see.

  4. junglefowl26 says:

    Riviel the Rival. Heh heh.