The NSFW stories from saturday’s stream:
By Tsukiko: Fallen Maid Services
By B: Alliance of the Four Towers (1)
By B:Anonymous Males NSFW
By Vlashrod: sleeping story
There was a fifth by Madea though i do not have the document.

Riviel concept in progress for reefireparot, pending approval. At the moment i think Ree want Faen replaced by another Sullissin. Poor Faen, she was too cute.


4 Responses to Stories

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Thanks for the links to the stories, Kern! ^^ And Riviel is a puncher, eh? We need to put her and Astalin in a ring! \^o^/

    • Vlashrod says:

      The problem from having Quain ruling with fists : her troops are all punchers. Ariel is Quain’s own blood punch-line

  2. Vlashrod says:

    Awesome stories !

    Good work B and Tsukiko :)