Vlashrod’s fic left an impact on Madea. He’d like to setup a theme for next month for which i will leave the details here in the news feed once he decide a prize.
Waes and Kel commission for Lordpanther and B is up on daydream.

15 minutes challenge set by Waro was “Quain react to food porn”
strawberrybananaNew Canvas

Giveaway for Tsukiko:
for Sarai:
for Ratatoskr, i think:
shancakeNew Canvas

Bonus fat tail from Kite:

From 2hPm to 8hPM East.
On this edition of the NSFW stream, we have Vergil who’ll produce some Elezen arts for Vae. Lunareth who’ll draw some butt shaking Kyonne arts for Lordpanther. And i who’ll do Waes and Kel bondage for the B and Lordpanther. With guest narrator Madea to read us a few lude stories , which sadly will be much fewer this time around. The 15 minutes art challenge will happen at 4h40 and the giveaway to 3 lucky audience members will be at the end of the stream. To watch, participate or to simply BEAR, join us on the multistream!


7 Responses to NSFW stream

  1. SFi/Bwoman says:

    Aaaawwwww, that is sad :(

    How many stories are there?

  2. smokehammer says:

    This was a Saturday of great and wondrous silliness!

    BTW, Happy Easter!

  3. Vlashrod says:

    I managed to break madea x)
    Too bad i’ve missed the others fics :( will you put them online like last month Kern ?

  4. Ra'tatosk says:


    Chiri is sooo happy – and Luna too.

    Thanks a lot Luna.

  5. Vlashrod says:

    Vergil’s challenge with Snadhya’s cake looking yummy
    I want that cake too :3

  6. Greenwood Goat says:

    *sigh* I can only imagine what Kel is doing to Waes… and imagine… and imagine… and imagine… >;=)>

    The “whipped cream money-shot” that so failed to impress Quain reminds me of the “cake shop” scene from Peter Jackson’s early film Meet the Feebles. This links to the right cue-in point (48m18s) on the complete film, and while the scene is in fact SFW, some of the other parts are not.

    Was Vergil’s pic supposed to be the first of a series of three? ENVY being followed by WRATH (Quain strikes from behind with her greatsword, cleaving Snadhya down the middle) and GLUTTONY (Quain grabs the cake from the plate, still clutched in Snadhya’s dead hands, and wolfs it down).

    Now, no surprise at the reaction of Lunareth’s Quain’nana to Ash’trawberry and her antics – it isn’t the sort of thing that I would have pegged as appealing to our mercenary queen, even if she’s the one doing the peeling, or the pegging! It makes me wonder what would have happened if Ashie had got her hands on the Fruity Fighters…

    No, for the sort of food porn that would appeal to Quain’tana, we would have to go for an absolute classic: the open-air banquet held just out of missile range of a besieged, starving fortress.

    And thumbs up for Lunareth’s other piece of fruit shipping where, finally able to admit her feelings, Chirinide gets to have her Strawberry Shan’cake… and eat it!

    Shan’naal: Cherry, Chiri?

    Chirinide: ◊ ω ◊ … ♥♥Please!♥♥