Livestream at 2hPM with lunareth, Vergil and madea. It will be a NSFW one with hopefully a few stories. I say hopeful because i couldnCh50sara
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Concept revision for Sara:

Sara conception came from brainstorming on a whole lot of what if, which can all be summarized by “What if the world wasn’t so fucked up?”. And there come a character from a new more progressive nation in the west. Who never had to kill anyone in her life and yet plays with explosive daily for the fun of it. Bigger the boom, more fun it is. She’s the eccentric noble whose clan’s rely on engineering to make their name in society, and content in the station they have. In this, it’s best to rewire one’s thinking about the traditional view of fantasy terms. “Enchanting” a weapon or an armor to them is basically tinkering with devices that’ll use magic as a power source to achieve what they need. Thus Sara’s rather unusual armor, at least unusual to chelians who forms most of the cast. She wears it day and night, every day. Likely with a little heating and cooling element instead to keep it from behind a pain to wear. Unless of course she is on one of her flirting quest, for which she need no armor.

Older concepts from 2010 and 2012:


3 Responses to Sara

  1. Gunbird says:

    Hey watch were you pointing that thing! I know it’s a fantasy setting but, muzzle discipline still counts!

    As for the lifestream I think I might miss a lot of it. I got to take care of my 93-year-old grandmother after drumming lessons.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Poor Sara is unclickable, yes, but not unobtainable! Click here for full-sized gun-toting goodness!!

    Yes, the address is visible in the code, and I see where the HTML is messed up (it looks like two tags got mixed together, along with some comment/placeholder text being presented as tag attributes), but if the site uses a custom Content Management System with server-side page pre-processing/construction, it’s going to be something in the input code that made it present the HTML like that…

  3. Cyd/Ptitbaff says:

    I really love Sara, she’s a little light in this universe. AND SHE GOT A LITTLE HANDCANNON O.O (Bring my axe canon back )

    No really I really liker her, hope to see her in this chapter :3