Nishikanta, because Dalvy requested it.
Lunareth said it reminded her of embers, and thus the red should be more visible than the yellow :

Fourth daughter of the late empress and the most subdued of the survivors. The one who chose to bend the knee to her treacherous sisters. By now all of her childs and grand childs are scattered in their houses, free from repercussions of her own decision, which free her to act at last. Not that she has the burning desire for revenge, unlike Sillice. And unlike Chirinide, her own fire ability is very much counter to her own emotions. She is calculating, calm, an engineer who build machines using her specy’s equivalent of science. This reflect in her own power, it’s cold, easily controlled and often kept ought of sight. As for her appearance, it used to be quite in the face. Fire ability = fire robes. Just like Sillice’s ice ability was reflected in an icy armor. In a way it made sense back then considering their station. They were rich, they probably received a lot of fancy gift that was for show. Not anymore. She is destitute, a traveler and pennyless. So gone is the yellow dye, washed away.And gone is the bright flashy robe that attract’s enemy attention. But like her own subdued nature, she keep that bright side on the inside of her clothings. Will she finally do something worthwhile after fifty chapter? I admit that character had been very much dormant all this time. So much so it was hard to pinpoint her personality traits.

Here’s older concept revisions of Nishi:
The later one by blackmyst.

I also worked on Nie’s private commission today. It’ll need one more day to complete, then another concept art will be done. SO let’s see.
Tuesday: Nie’s Mel commission.
Wednesday: Pitbaff concept art.
Thursday: Sara concept revision
Friday: Another sarghress concept art, undecided which one at the moment
Saturday: Kelnoz and Waes love bondage stuff for the nsfw stream. Prepare your fic, B.


9 Responses to Nishi

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    I’m pretty sure it was I (or an accomplice) who asked for that older concept too :^)

    But that’s because we want more of her!

  2. Cyd/Ptitbaff says:

    She look a little creepy don’t know why but just a little :p

    I can’t wait to see what you make with what I send you , I think it’s not the best character I can send but she’s great :D

    If you got any trouble, say it ^^

  3. SFi/Bwoman says:

    Gimme four Guys, and I will, Kern ;)

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    It’s probably the hood that makes her look, well not so much creepy as mysterious. Considering that she is one of the Dragon Sisters, but is so low-key, so subdued (especially with the new duds), she literally screams that she’s hiding something. Besides her children’s instrumental role at First Landing, I think Nishi’s biggest contribution had been her tipping Mikilu off about getting out of Dodge before she was killed by Snad, Sarv and Zala. The events that that precipitated are open to debate, but Nishi going out on a limb to help Mikilu let me know early on that she still had a loyalist heart, and I was not surprised when she went off to Mimaneid with Sil’lice. With her golem mastery, I had hoped that she would have lent her skills to the Mimians to make gunship golems that could have made mincemeat of that stupid airship, but alas there wasn’t enough time (or resources, or perhaps will?). I still hold out hope that we’ll see Nishi’kanta’s fighter bomber golems wreak havoc on that Nidavellir island-fortress some day…(hears air raid sirens going off ^^

  5. Navian says:

    Definitely an entrancing look. I like the first one better… The red draws the eye, so having it at the center draws me in, but having it at the edges pushes me out, which diminishes the impact of the image.