I became a very poor entertainement once the migraine medecine started to take effect. Because of this the livestream was only 4h30 long. Still, everything got completed later in the day:
commission for Gem76. Faen is being assassinated by being crushed under a pile of fat cats.
Neige portrait by Kite. She is no liquid, she is a box. And she is oh so very fat.

15 minutes challenge from Flag was “Plumbus”. What’s a plombus? We don’t know, neither did Flag. Making this a truly a challenge to figure out. Darkvolt just threw his arms to the air and drew the thing literally.

giveaways For Vlashrod:
For Pastelapocalypse:
For Metzger:
On today’s stream we have a “Rescue Faen” piece to be decided by the audience. Wednesday’s moonless page from Kite. Background study with Inten from Darkvolt. With the usual mid-stream challenge and end of stream giveaway. If the commissions get done fast enough, i’ll open up an extra request near the end. To participate, drop by our multistream!


19 Responses to saturday stream

  1. Gunbird says:

    Did flag mean plumbous?

  2. Kearnaun says:

    Much fat! Such cat! … *sad sighs* … and I missed it …

  3. Illasol/IaY says:

    Same for me i also had a headache so no computer for me.

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Thanks Kern for staying as long as you did, I hope you are feeling better, and may these darned migraine attacks go away! GEM’s commission came out looking fantastic, I love the dynamic action of Ariel and Zair dashing to the rescue as Faen in the foreground is being squished by so many fat cats tossed by the eeevil Xharidil! Boxcat Neige is just adorable, reminds me of one of the first livestreams I watched where Neige got in a box below Kern’s desk and rending cardboard ensued! ^^ DarkVolt, that’s a mighty rude looking Plumbus, I’m glad you let Kern upload it after all! :D Nori, that’s a good rendition of Morty (I think he says something like that almost every episode!). The giveaways are a good compare/contrast on the different styles of cuteness of you three (that Ashie in beaver kigurumi petting her kitty is made that much more awesome by that facial expression Kite drew >_> ). Thanks all for another enjoyable livestream!

    • Kern says:

      Thank you and yes the migraine is over, for now. I,m glad neige left an impact on you, she leave an impact on our legs when she jump!

    • Nori says:

      Lmao, thank ya Bas! I feel like I need to have a sign that just says “everything Bas just said, same for me” for these news feeds, your reviews are always spot on, makes my great wall of texts redundant :P jking of course, but seriously great livestream everyone, the struggle with the plumbus was well fought, much cuteness(and confusion) was made, and I’m still so in love with Darkvolt’s giveaway, it’s one of my phone background panels now, SO PINK *o*, thank you again DV!

  5. Obsidian Agent says:

    I looked up “Plumbus” and the only thing that came up was “lead nitrate”.

    • Obsidian Agent says:

      And now that I know it’s from “Rick and Morty”…. I feel like a buffoon for going to Wikipedia instead of Google Images.

      • smokehammer says:

        Apparently its an alien artifact of little know use but great value made out of space bacteria and monster vomit.

  6. Metzger says:

    thank you Kite for The Ash’waren pic, it’s awesome!…now to think up some other Ill’haress in kigurumi holding something random combo :)

    Hope you are feeling better Kern