Diva concept revision:

The surviving slave from the coup against the empress of 30 years ago. Now host to the spirit of her dead ruler. Whether the spirit is ascendant , the slave or a mix of both is up to speculation. It took her a long time to awaken to the new memories she host and by then being a drunk slave wasting her life away on pornographic books wasn’t something she could be content with any longer. Alright, the books are still part of her life but with knowledge came some maturity in her selection. She sought to use her new expertises to gain a position as tutor to Sillice’s childs and through this, wormed herself into the renegade faction seeking to end her former self’s murderers. But being in a weak body and unable to prove who she was makes for a difficult revenge path. As of now, she is still with her former daughter, the initial assault against the city of Felde having failed.

And her size comparaison:

Neh’s new concept sketch in progress.
Once she is done, that’ll leave only the 7 sarghress cameos.


10 Responses to Diva

  1. Thrair says:

    Hehe! Kickass!

    Not only do I come back from my shift to a Diva concept (my favourite character, mind you!), but there’s also another sketch of Vlash’s Neh. :)

    Which is awesome, because the timeskip art of ’em really showed they’ve both been through many of the same events. Pity swapping stories over booze would probably end badly, what with them being on opposite sides during most of ’em. :P

    • Vlashrod says:


      Diva looks in good health while being on a revenge quest (the crescent on her hairs seems to have disapeared). Too bad she didn’t came as Chrys’tel mentor instead of Nishi’s twins, their collaboration would be awesome :p

      As for Nehle, she could drink with her grand-grand-mother with no shame, debating with her, remind of the old good days (and all bad days) while accepting to be on opposites sides.
      Nehle hold no grudges against Diva but the late empress is a target to go down for her lady Snadhya so it’s true that the reunion between them could not end good. ;)

      • Thrair says:

        :( I meant ‘Tesh and Neh had been through similar stuff. He’s the drunk.

        Ok… the OTHER drunk.

        • Vlashrod says:

          Oh Al’tesh, that’s work too with Nehle ^^
          Let the two of them be drunks, chatty, enemies and more if affinity ! ;)

      • Kern says:

        saved myself a few lines to draw over and over by removing the crescents.

        • Thrair says:

          Those were fairly pretty… But hey. She’s the reembodied soul of a 1000-year-old Fae. She’s allowed to change up her look now and then. :P

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    I thought that Diva was over the drunkenness and the naughtiness. Can’t the healers detox her? Or can’t people be posted to keep an eye on her and drink any alcohol that she tries to acquire before she can? I’m thinking Die’tra would make a good drink ninja…

    Anyway, I’ve thought of a good use for Kuso: lock him in a small room with a certain Sullisin-stabbing tax collector! As Sartre put it when he developed this scenario, “Hell is other people.”

    Erusa’kel: …I do not consider that a person! *shoots poisonous look at Kuso*

    Kuso: Who’re you talkin’ to, butt-clench?

    Erusa’kel: *SEETHES*


    Was. *chomp* Y’know, instead’a stabbing that Sullisin bitch, y’ shoulda-

    Erusa’kel: I will not listen to any more of your vile fantasies!! I shall remove you! *goes for knife*

    Kuso: *steals knife, picks teeth with it* :-)

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      Oh… bums. I should have expanded the comment box or just remembered to delete the extraneous text. So you get to see the rejected version as well, where Kuso has been joined to fruit-loving Erusa’kel by Jaal arts, and has just stolen his apple. >:=p>

  3. smokehammer says:

    Guiding & Drunk? That’s like in the do as I say, not as I do vent eh? XD