Lordpanther bunny Jaal and Pitdragon’s jaal. See Pit? Your character was next after all! I never make mistake, never… .. .
With this one it was a real concern that her presence could be taken negatively. Bunny girl, green hair, it would clash with the setting even though the Jaals can technically do anything. So her hair is very pale green and her ears are big floppy things that slide down the back of her head like sheets of hair. The tail is a little bonus for this concept art purpose only.
Now to decide wheter i do Nishi, Diva or Snadhya for the next main cast concept… Neh will be done friday.


20 Responses to Bun bun bunny

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Mistake? Never!

    And it’s ok, Bun-Bun Felis, Dia’heira doesn’t love much anymore. Fia though… she’d eat you right up, sweetie!

  2. Metzger says:

    please tell me she has expressive bunny ears!?

  3. Thrair says:

    Cool concept. Gave her a basic entry, if you want to error-check it, LP. Will update when she actually appears. :)

  4. partner555 says:

    Is she a Jaal biogolem? The creator bit indicates such.

    • LordPanther says:

      The way I imagine it is that she’s like those people that steadily get more and more of themselves replaced with upgrades in order to have some advantage, real or perceived over her opponent. It’s just sort of inconvenient for her that the person she decided to go to thought she’d make a cute bunny.

  5. Dalvyserran says:

    You should do Nishi’kanta.

    Especially with all that character development she got in Daydream, recently.