Kuso concept revision

This skinny opportunist is like a cockroach, you can’t get rid of him. He is the poo on the shoe. The thief in the pantry. The ass of the world. Everything may collapse, but you can be sure to find him lurking around as long as there’s something to salvage. For sticking around is the easiest thing to do for him and actually doing something takes efforts. The character was once made as a representative of the kind of soldier their clan would hire, the lowest of the low. Which he will proudly be for anyone with food, for his dream , his goal, his everything is just to get the next piece of steak. Possibly with butter on it. His lazy attitude served well as a foil for Baliir’s own determination to change the world. Plus skinny and big… And no, he has not found clothes to replace what he lost. We all hope he doesn’t lose that towel next.

And size reference:Ch50Baliir-Kuso
Skinny ass Kuso. I think all main characters from that faction got their revisions.


8 Responses to Kuso

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Kuso: Punchable. Kickable. Horned samurai-style helmet of distinctiveness +6. Towel is -10 against de-pantsu attacks. Anyone performing or viewing a successful de-pantsu attack must save versus wands or be nauseated and “WTF?!” for one turn. All reaction rolls against him are at -2 due to Kuso-ness (this increases by an additional -1 for each additional turn in his presence). All his reaction rolls against others are at -2 due to Kuso-ness. Possession of steak gives a +1D4 modifier to Kuso’s reaction. Every turn, Kuso can (and usually will) make a joke about the length of his pole arm. Anyone hearing it must save versus poison at +2 or want to end his existence even more…

    Baliir: Kuso-ness-immune. (apparently)


  2. Whizzard says:

    I love how Kuso’s trait list starts positive and then suddenly takes a shameful turn.

    Glad to see that the invincible duo is back together. Also, shouldn’t that bath have washed the red out of his blue eyes? :P

  3. Pariel says:

    Can’t unsee. CANT

  4. Moatl says:

    The fan-girls will like it.
    Some kind of.

    *how to stop this »Kopfkino«?*