Felicia for Sindas is now complete:
Next for this week: pitdragon’s Jaal and Vlashrod’s Neh. That’ll only leave the remaining 7 sarghress cameos concepts. With an 8th if i ever receive the informations for it. As to friday, i’ve a private commission sketch to do. Saturday is Gem’s “Fight for Faen” commission that is up to the livestream audience to choose. The idea behind the commission is that Ariel and Zair are doing something to rescue Faen from. What, where , how is up to anyone there on saturday.
Lordpanther’s Kel’noz X Waes is for the 26th. Thrair’s Snadhya is for the 2nd April. The 9th onward is free and likely by then the cameos concepts will all be done as well.


8 Responses to Grand-daughter of Silice

  1. Metzger says:

    poor Felicia needs a hug, a pity her Grandmother is busy disliking her

    • Pariel says:

      Nona will hug her. She has got experience with overcompesating daughters who are hated by their moms.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Can I refrain from referring to her as Sil’ice’s little Ice-pop? No, I don’t think I can! >:=3> But I do think she needs a hug, and if she can’t stand Sharen or Sarghress then:

    Anahid: Free hugs in the name of Sharess! ♥


  3. Sindas says:

    Thanks Kern very appreciated.

    Nice to see my poor conflicted Felicia again.
    So sad, grandma doesn’t like you but at least you’re back with your family now.

  4. Pitdragon says:

    Odd, I did the $150 cameo (and linked my art to you in email), did you mean the other Jaal?