Livestream this saturday will be with Vergil and Kite. Expect much great painting from these two.

Baliir concept art revision:

What’s a poor fisherman without family to do with a demon stuck inside of him? Become a political activist apparently and one who is not shy about sharing his opinions. Baliir ended up in Kiel’s clan early on as hired muscles before his skill at organization made him administrator of the clan’s district. There he could flourish and share his opinions with the usually downtrodden and poor people who lives there. Down with the clans, nobility , the system, yet, in a peaceful way. He rarely use his massive fist, no matter how crazy the world is around him. In short, he is the big man with a soft heart and mind full of ideas for a better future. That said, these ideas goes strongly against the way his world works. Now that the clan is no more and everybody began to search a new place in life, he is one of the few who is likely to stick around and try to find an opportunity to changes things. Especially as the new alliance is right at his doorstep, or what’s left of the door anyways.
Note, just one of his arm is larger than Kiel’s torso. His hands would reach his knees, even if he stands up straight.

And size reference.


2 Responses to Baliir

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Baliir looks different without his turtle shell armor and furry collar ^^ While his arms are huge, look at those treetrunk legs too! Is he really a drow? Because he makes K’sava look like a waif…and that was one big motherkilling drow! No wonder he can throw just about anybody

    Yay Vergil and Kite for the livestream! See you guys in a few hours! o/

  2. Whizzard says:

    What is Baliir without turtle armor? What is Baliir without Kuso? What is Kuso without steak?