The other side of the cup for Kite was completed. A fat chocobo, drinking green tea made of the thing it normally eat in game.
That done, it was sent for printing.

Daxia concept art complete, she’s one of the next cameo to appear in the story. As for the next cameo, i’m thinking Sindas’ character for the sketch of thursday. With the hope to complete all the cameos concepts this month.
Saturday is B’s birthday , of which there is already two possible commission to do. We’ll see which B pick.


3 Responses to Daxia and fat chocobo

  1. junglefowl26 says:

    The sketch version says she is an infiltrator – if that still applies, that is a really cool concept.

    Being in love with her demon…well, it should make merging easier.

  2. SFi/Bwoman says:

    O.O *still blown away at getting stuff*

    • junglefowl26 says:

      Oh yeah – I didn’t get stuff for my birthday! *pouty face*

      Seriously though, have a great a great birthday B!