Commission for Thrair, meant to go with the zala one.

Concept art in progress for Swedish kitsune. Needs another 2-3 hours to complete.

Darkvolt’s 3d pokemon modeling:
Evil sans pikachu and rug fluff pikachu were sadly not saved.

Today’s 15 minutes challenge was set by Tsukiko “Yaoi romance”.

For roguedoodle

Bonus Vergil commission for Icecabbit:

Bonus Ariel drider and Faen art from Darkdrakkir
On today’s stream , kite will join us on voice chat and challenge only. I will be doing Thrair and Swedish kitsune commission, if the later is unavailable it’ll be a concept art for a cameo. Darkvolt will work on 3d modeling. And Shaan will work on the next page of her webcomic Fading world. With the usual mid-stream art challenge and end of stream giveaways to the audience. Drop by our multistream to participate or just hang out!


8 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Sionyx says:

    …And now I’m hearing Sarv with Rita Repulsa’s voice. Thanks.

  2. SFi/Bwoman says:

    WHO DARES STEAL KEL FROM WAES!?!?!?!? *angry B-noises*

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Is that Kuso there, romancing his meat? >;=)>

    Kuso: ♪You always hurt the one you love/ *grinds on pepper* The one you shouldn’t hurt at all/ *kisses steak* You always take the sweetest rose/ *chucks steak on grill* And crush it ’til the petals fall.♪ *stirs fire under grill* Sorry meatheart… what can I say? I’m a guy! I have needs!

    Baliir: You’re weird. And you have blood on your mouth, again. And what is a rose?

    Kuso: *spanks steak with grilling fork* That’s the bloody meat’s fault! *licks around mouth* And I’m nethered if I know! Must be some Illhar’dro thing…


    Now, what manner of person is depicted in Vergil’s commission for Icecabbit? Water-dragon? Salamander? Newt? She’s certainly cute!

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    What the flip, is Sarv a naga? 0_0 I didn’t notice until I looked at the pic again…it looks like white scales…and that trollface chibi Quain is just too much! (I predict someone will be using that for an avatar soon enough, heh!) ^^ And evil Sans Pikachu rulz, and oh-god-hairy Pikachu was hilarious! XD Are we gonna have to screen-capture monitor DarkVolt too? :P EllirhShaan, the crispness of the details is just amazing…that elf hall you were drawing was stunning (and sorry for turning down your giveaway twice in a row now, I assure you it’s not your art! I think I’ve won like six times over the past YEAR, and to win three times in the past four weeks is a freak happening…I should buy lottery tickets now…wait, you come with me and we’ll buy lottery tickets together! ^^ ). Vergil, the blue elf girl with the tail (did I hear someone say Sharkmaid?) is gorgeous, and the Yaoi couple look adorable too! Great work everyone, and thanks for the livestream!

  5. smokehammer says:

    I dont think Sarv’s supposed to be a Naga Bas. Im pretty sure that’s just the Dragonscale skirt she wore in lieu of faulds.