The daydream page sponsored by Lordpanther that was started on the stream is complete. Only one more page to go then the daydreamers can choose the next story.
Now this is out of the way, i’ll resume the concept arts.


One Response to Switching roles 11

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Hehe… “This is Captain Liri in command of the submarine Ariel! Target sighted! Set course! Dive Dive ♥Dive!!!♥! ♥♥ ♥”

    Kitty hugs and squirrel scritchies to LordPanther for this! *pssst!* Any squirrels who are good at giving happy scritchies to big cats, get over to LordPanther’s place now! Chirikitty won’t be able to get you there!