Frog fanart as the warm up of the day. With the hospital stealing our afternoon, i had really little time left to do the work today so what classic character has a simple design? Frog. About to slice up a mountain with his classic theme music that’s earwormed into my brain for the rest of my life. (And possible zombie afterlife.)

And Kite drew Chiri kitty as well. It’s good to see Kite draw more often, her style is so very adorable and colorful.

Finally some progress on the daydream page commission. It is now flat colored. To be completed tomorrow. Friday i’ll sketch the next concept art. Saturday will be thrair’s commission and swedish kitsune concept art sketch. by the way saturday the third streamer is Sion.


9 Responses to Of Frog and Kitty

  1. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Kite’s Chiri Mi’qote is so adorable :)

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Yes, Kite draws Chirikitty a lot less homicidal- er, sciuricidal… doesn’t she? …Please…? >’:=)>

  3. Katrover says:

    Daydream elf is so pretty – who is she?

    • LordPanther says:

      Shapeshifted Ariel

      • CutieSquiggoth says:

        I want one :)

      • Katrover says:

        O_O … so, who did she shape-shift into?

        • Navian says:

          That Daydream story is called Switching Roles, the roles are Slave and Master. At the time, Liriel/Diva was known mainly as ‘Ariel’s dark elf slave’, so the story is about Liriel putting Ariel in that same position. They don’t seem to go as far as swapping identities, aside from the literal ‘roles’, it just seems to be their apparent social status and ethnicities. So she’s transformed into ‘Ariel as a dark elf slave’ as near as I can tell (without actually reading it).

  4. Nori says:

    FEAR THE MIGHT OF THE GLORIOUS FROG :B! Dat cape swoosh and the facial design slays me, great work lmao, it’s awesome B>

    And much agreed, Kite’s style is so freakin’ gorgeous!–and THOSE COLORS, THAT VIBRANCY, THOSE TEENY PROPORTIONS/SOFTNESS OF FORMS, both the more cutesy and the more serious styles she tends towards are so beautifully rendered it’s ridiculous ;u;! There’s always this really careful attention to ambiance/atmosphere and like, general color composition/palette choice in her pieces that I can’t quite put into words but damn do I respect the patience and skill that requires o.o, Kite is truly a master of the craft imo and it’s always awesome to see more of her stuff on my dash/the newsfeed yepyep B>!