Not much to show today but some more cat girl Chiri, bane of squirrels. Because Anahid wants to befriends them, Chiri has to save her by killing all the squirrels. Next Anahid runs to the ladybugs, forcing Chiri to kill all of them as well. Repeat endlessly until the forest is depopulated of all dangers.
It had been a while since i did a painted practice. Don’t know what will be the next warm up, i feel burn out on concepts at the moment. These will likely resume on friday. Both the main cast and cameos concepts.

Darkvolt did another surprise guest page for the vlozress, expect it to go online later this month.


11 Responses to Cat Chiri

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Poor ickle wickle squirrels! What did they do to deserve this? Run, little friends, don’t let that nasty, genocidal Chiri catch you! And here, hang these catnip lures on some of the lower branches upwind of her.

    Now I am imagining Anacat in full Disney woodland princess mode, surrounded by woodland creatures, including a chorus of birds, while Chirikitty snuggles up with a very large catnip ball in the clearing in front of her.


    • smokehammer says:

      Or Chiri comes running into Ana’s scene and slaughters everything. XD

    • junglefowl26 says:

      Given how often rabbits and other small furry creatures wrecked adventurers in FF11, I would not be surprised if FF14 squirrels were monsters of unspeakable power and evil.

  2. Ra'tatosk says:

    Are you trying to kill off all my relatives and family? Will you come after me and kill me?

    Nidhögg and the eagle will avenge me and all my family.


  3. Doom Chinchilla says:

    This is what will happen is you don’t meet Ariel for decades again, Chirinide! Ariel will get nostalgic, and will breed a race of Chirinide-looking Ferals! And she will teach them to worship Sharess! And they will all be called “Chiri”! And when a Sarghess meets you, he or she will always say “Wow, you look like a Feral!

    So don’t wait too long before visiting Ariel!